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Dental Updates:

Denture Locator Abutments:

Below is a picture of a patient who had 3 implants and gold locator abutments attached.  The denture is made to attach/snap onto the 3 locators, to help keep the denture in place.  This will allow the denture to have most of the palate removed, to allow better speaking/phonetics and increased comfort.

Implant Placement:

Among other anatomical concerns, sufficient room is needed between roots to place implants.  This person is missing both lateral incisors (#7, 10), and the left photo shows a good amount of space between the roots for an implant, but the right photo needs to have the roots orthodontically spread apart to make room for an implant.  

dental implant, missing lateral incisor

Vertical Root Fracture:

Below is a textbook example of a tooth with a vertical root fracture, meaning that the root of the tooth literally split in half along the length of the tooth.  This condition is untreatable and the tooth needs to be removed.  The patient had an abscess/infection around the roots of a previously root canaled tooth, and the thin, pointed instrument going into the gums is a periodontal probe which checks for bone loss.  In a vertical root fracture, it will typically drop very deep in one specific area as shown in the video.

This is the tooth from above, that was removed.

vertical root fracture tooth removed

Dental Translation mobile app: Free on iOS and Android, check out the Dental Translation App.

dental translation app

Livionex: There's a new product of dental gel out, called Livionex, which uses advanced chemistry to disrupt the plaque from your teeth, resulting in a cleaner mouth and less gum disease.  For those who have trouble with home care, this may be a viable option to try.

Tooth numbers: Below is a panoramic radiograh, or xray, with the teeth numbered.  When looking at a radiograph, it is always like the person is looking at you.  So #1 is on the upper right, and #16 is the upper left.

panoramic radiograph numbered

Invisalign Clincheck: This video is a sample Invisalign Clincheck.  When Invisalign is being planned, the Invisalign company along with the dentist plans out what the case will look like at the end.  The dentist has the option to make any changes before the aligners/trays are made.  Once the animation/clincheck is approved by the dentist, all of the aligners will be made and sent to the dentist.

Crowning Root Canaled Teeth:

This question comes up a lot.  When someone has a toothache, very often the tooth ends up needing a root canal.  The root canal procedure itself shouldn't hurt and often has minimal discomfort afterwards, but it is often associated with pain because when you are in pain, often times you need a root canal.  The procedure actually gets rid of the pain, it doesn't cause it.

After the root canal is done, normally the pain is gone and the patients think they are good to go.  All back teeth that have had root canals should be crowned.  People always think once the pain is gone, the problem is solved.  That is only part of the solution. (read more) 

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