Not everyone has DENTAL INSURANCE, and average dentist fees can add up. Even with insurance, many patients will end up paying hundreds or thousands in copays to have their dental needs met.

The other problem is that like taking your car in to get fixed, most patients have no idea if what their dentist recommends is really necessary.

Unfortunately, if 10 dentists see the same patient and the same dental xrays, you may get 10 different treatment plans; probably with a fairly wide distribution of cost to the patient.

IS CHEAPER ALWAYS BETTER? Not necessarily. Your dentist may be overly conservative or may be missing problems that need to be diagnosed. Sometimes little problems treated now, are much cheaper than letting those little problems progess into big problems.

Is the MOST HIGH TECH OFFICE the best? Not necessarily.

So how do you know if what you need is really necessary? You don’t; but you can ask your dentist to explain what is needed and why things are needed, or many dentists nowadays have intraoral cameras or other tools that can show you what is going on in your mouth.  Also, with Yelp and other review sources, you can probably read if other people are having similar experiences.


Here are some possible sources of affordable dental insurance:


Average dentist fees very a great deal depending on where the office is located, both state and urban or rural status.

Also, even within a certain city, there is bound to be a fair amount of variation among pricing. This guide is an approximate cost of the more common dental procedures. What your insurance covers or does not cover depends on your own situation.


INSURANCE:  Insurance normally covers a percentage of dental procedures, but most insurances will have copays.  For example, insurance may cover 50% (half the cost) of  a crown, so if the crown costs $1000, the insurance covers $500 and you will have to pay the other $500.

FILLINGS: Fillings are billed by the number of surfaces, not the number of teeth. Therefore, it is also possible to have multiple fillings on the same tooth.

Price may range from $100-300 or more, depending on the number of surfaces and material used.

CROWNS: Crowns are usually in the $700-1100 range, depending on type of crown and material used.

BRIDGES: These are basically multiple crowns, so a 3 unit bridge would be in the $2000-3000 range.

PARTIAL DENTURES: Metal framework partials run in the $1000-1300 range, while ACRYLIC partials (FLIPPERS) may be as inexpensive as $250.

FULL DENTURES: Dentures often run in the $1000-1300 range, not including any teeth that may need to be extracted.

ROOT CANALS: Root canals on posterior teeth can be over $1000, and on anterior teeth are usually a little under that. If the tooth is getting the root canal retreated or redone, or if there are calcified canals, or if there is a broken file, or endodontic surgery, the fees will be higher.

IMPLANTS: Implants are normally broken down into the placement of the actual implant, which is like the root of the tooth being inserted into the jaw bone.  The abutment, which is the part that sticks up above the gumline, and the crown, which is the part that covers the abutment and looks like a tooth. All together they normally run in the $3-5000 range for everything (per tooth), but if bone grafts or sinus lifts, or other procedures are needed, the price may be ab it higher.

EXTRACTIONS: Simple/less involved extractions may be $100-200, while more involved extractions will be maybe double that, so $200-400. Partially and Fully impacted wisdom teeth extractions will be more, possibly double the cost.

To give you and idea of how this can add up, 4 WISDOM TEETH extractions could be 2 SURGICAL @ $400 per, 2 FULL IMPACTIONS @ $600 per. $2000.

TOOTH WHITENING/BLEACHING: This will run in the $300 per arch range.

EXAM AND XRAYS: This may be as little as $100 and up, depending on the types of films taken and office policy.

CLEANINGS: Regular cleanings may be under $100, but ROOT PLANING appointments may be in the $200-400 range PER QUADRANT. So if you have PERIODONTAL DISEASE, you may need FOUR of those appointments @ $400 per.

ORTHODONTICS/BRACES: This depends on the case, but normal full ortho case is ~$5000.  Invisalign and conventional braces normally take around the same amount of time and the cost is similar.

To give you an idea of a typical treatment plan with about average dentist fees:

Exam/Xrays $100

Cleaning $100

2 surface filling $150

3 surface filling $190

1 crown $850

Total $1390

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