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Plate with 4 front dentures as my gums would no longer hold these crowns. My other front crown is longer than denture beside it. Can this crown be filed

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I have no title.

I like my denture (upper plate) very much--except for one problem. I can't get it out. I will be addressing that after Memorial Day. I trust that keeping

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My dentist has told me I can't have a new metal plate made and I don't know why as I have had one for over 10years and have had teeth added at various

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Getting a new set and excited!!!

I am 40 years old and I have a full set of top and bottom dentures, as a child, me and my younger sister, were not taught the importance of good oral hygiene

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I'm trying to find a denturist

Need help finding a good denturist Scared. Anyone know of a good one in my area?

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