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31 December 2006

Those of us at Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE AND BE SAFE!!

25 December 2006

Those of us at Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!

14 December 2006


When patients have a lot of cavities, we always ask if they floss. What we do not always do, and now will probably do more often, is ask the patient to demonstrate how s/he flosses. Technique is very important, and improper technique negates the whole process altogether. So, if you insist that you floss, but still get cavities, ask your dentist or hygienist to watch you, and make sure that you are doing it effectively!

6 December 2006

Our free Crest Whitestrips contest will likely end soon, so please get your entries in asap!! It is free to register (see below).

29 November 2006

Dental Insurance

At the end of the year, many peoples' dental insurance plans will change, or you may have benefit limits or credits that must be used before the year's end, or else you will lose these benefits, so please check your plan to ensure that you get the most out of your plan!

15 November 2006

Dental Infections

Dental infections are unlike medical infections that can often be treated by antibiotics alone, and then they go away. In almost all cases, the tooth or other source of infection has to be treated in order for the infection to completely go away. This often requires either a root canal or an extraction. Antibiotics can supress the infection, but rarely will it go away without treating the source.

18 Sept 2006

Parents and their Kids

When a child is having dental work done, the question often arises whether the parent should stay in the room or wait outside (the room). As a parent, you may think that you need to stay there to support your child, but often times children behave much better when the parent is not in the room. Let the dentist decide, and don't be offended if you're asked to leave the room.

1 Sept 2006

Antibiotics and Dental Infections

One of our readers asked a very good question today. If you are told that you have a dental infection, do you need to take antibiotics? Not always. Many times dental infections are very low grade and are best treated by just treating the tooth. On the other hand, if you have facial swelling, gum swelling, or are running a temperature, then you most likely need to take antibiotics.

18 August 2006

Dental Stories

People always come in petrified of their upcoming dental procedure because their friends told them their horror stories. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so what happened to your friend, isn't necessarily doing to happen to you. Also, most people will only tell you the horror stories, because it is boring to tell someone that your dental visit went just fine! So don't believe everything you hear, and keep the faith that your visit will be smooth sailing!

4 August 2006

Doing Root Canals

People often think that the dentist just decides to do a root canal. Most of the time, there is some pre-existing condition with the tooth which forces a root canal to be done (or an extraction). The bottom line, if your dentist tells you your tooth needs a root canal, you can't just decide to do a filling instead.

14 July 2006


Many people come in with missing fillings and because they came out when they were flossing, think that flossing is not good. If a filling comes out by flossing (or other way), it likely was going to fail eventually anyway. Sometimes there is decay underneath, sometimes the filling has fractured, or there are a variety of other reasons why fillings fail. But rest assured, it's not the floss's fault! 

4 July 2006

Those of us at Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everyone a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, but be careful, especially if you're driving!!

27 June 2006


The other day a person told me that he had a loose tooth and wanted to know what was wrong. I told him that there was no way to tell for sure without doing an exam and taking an xray . He told me that he had not been to the dentist in over 20 years, and didn't see why to break the streak. There could not be a worse way of thinking! Many small problems, turn into big problems if they don't get the attention they need. He may be able to save his teeth now, but in 5 years, he may end up in dentures! If you are nervous, there are many ways to help decrease that anxiety!

18 June 2006


Nitrous oxide can be a very effective method to calm you down if you are anxious about your dental appointment. Pediatric dentists use it routinely to help calm children down. It begins to work rapidly, and leaves your body quickly when the procedure is done!

1 June 2006


Some people get very worried when you mention the word, biopsy, because everyone immediately thinks of cancer. This is definitely not the case. A biopsy is merely a way to diagnose what the problem (often times this is some sort of abnormal hard or soft tissue growth) is, and will give your provider the information needed in order to treat the condition accordingly.

11 May 2006


Every now and then a patient will come in with intense pain in the upper and lower teeth, and not know specifically where it is coming from. If all the teeth are sore, it is very difficult to diagnose where the pain is coming from. Sometimes pain in the upper teeth can cause perceived pain in the lower teeth, and vice versa. This is called referred pain. What the dentist can do, is numb either the upper or lower, and see if all the pain goes away. Either way, that should narrow the possibilities to the upper or lower arch.

1 May 2006


We recently had an email asking about a person who recently had a tooth extracted , and a few days later, had a golf ball sized mass near the extraction site. This most definitely is an infection, and needs to be treated immediately Infections can progress rapidly, and if the swelling disrupts swallowing or breathing, could become fatal. Antibiotics are indicated, but if the infection is severe enough, it may need to be (incised and) drained.

20 April 2006


Many people think that candy and sweets are the only foods that cause cavities. This could not be further from the truth. The bacteria that cause cavities feed on any kind of sugar, which can be present in sodas, coffee, gum, breath mints, fruit juice, fruits, and even dips! Frequent snacks and meals may be good for metabolism, but they are death to your teeth!

5 April 2006


These are the achilles heels of dentistry. This is when the root of the tooth fractures vertically, or the "long" way. When this happens, there is no cure, and the tooth must be extracted. This most commonly happens in teeth that have had root canals. The diagnosis is very specific, and even if your tooth does not hurt, if it has a vertical root fracture, it must be extracted.

23 March 2006


Dental sealants are an easy way to reduce the incidence of cavities in children. They are normally very easy to do, painless, and can be done relatively quickly. So, if your dentist has never mentioned sealants for your child, ask if they are necessary!

4 March 2006


The other day we had a patient come in with an infected tooth. As it turns out, the patient was seen a few days earlier and was given antibiotics, but the patient did not take them! This also happens often with other medications, such as anti-inflammatory medications, anti-bacterial mouthwashes, and other cavity preventing aids. If you do not understand why something was prescribed, ask your dentist! If you are not compliant with the recommendations given, you are only asking for problems down the line!

16 February 2006


After teeth have been root canaled, they often tend to get darker. People often try to bleach them from the outside, but it does not work. What is often needed is to bleach them from the inside. This process is referred to as, INTERNAL BLEACHING. If one of your teeth that has been root canaled is darker, and you do not like it, ask your dentist about internal bleaching.

7 February 2006


Many people with braces neglect to brush and floss because it is "too difficult". This could not be more dangerous! Braces give the bacteria in dental plaque (which cause cavities) more places to hide! When you have braces, your home care needs to be impeccable, or else you risk having a mouthful of cavities when your braces are removed!

24 Jan 2006


Every now and then we have patients who for whatever reason, when we tell them that they have cavities, they do not believe us or get mad at us. Most of these patients do not floss everyday, do not do an adequate job of brushing, or when we give them other dental aids to use, they do not use them; yet it is our fault when they have cavities. If your dentist gives you recommendations on how to prevent cavities, it is in your best interest to follow those recommendations. If you do not believe what your dentist tells you, you probably ought to find a new dentist that you can trust.

11 Jan 2006


Many people think that braces are only for children, but as people are living longer, this could not be more untrue. Many more adults are considering orthodontic treatment these days, not only for cosmetic purposes, but also to help improve overall dental health.

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