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25 December 2009

The writers of Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Many people have insurance benefits that run out at the end of the year, so now is a good time to get things fixed if you can! Most of the benefits do not roll over to the new year, so if you don't use it, you will lose it!

8 December 2009


People often avoid buying electric toothbrushes because of the price, but if it prevents just one cavity, it will have made the money back for you. They are also very good for people who have difficulty manuevering the toothbrush properly and help to ensure that you brush for the recommended 2 minutes. (comments?)

25 November 2009

The writers of Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everone a HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and be sure to get your needs addressed prior to the long weekend, as most offices will be closed!

11 November 2009

The writers of Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everone a HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY

2 November 2009


People often complain that the wires from their braces keep catching their cheeks. Often times the wire is just sticking out too far behind the braces and needs to be clipped off. Call up your dentist, and this normally can be done without an appointment, and takes but a few seconds to do; and will make your braces much more tolerable.(comments?)

12 October 2009


Parents are sometimes reluctant to take their children to pediatric dentist because like all specialists, it costs more for a child to see a specialist rather than a general dentist. While this may be the case, bad experiences at the dentist as a child can cause a phobia that lasts the rest of the child's life, which often leads to poor overall dental health. Pediatric dentists can prevent that from happening. (comments?)

28 September 2009


Many people complain that bleaching their teeth is too expensive. Whitening your teeth will improve your smile, which will make you want to smile more, makes you a happier person, can improve your relationships, find new relationships, can help improve self esteem and self confidence, which can help you find a job or improve your job, and can improve your quality of life. If you could do that all for $200-$300, that may be the best $200 you've ever spent. (comments?)

14 September 2009


People who need root canals often think it's the worse thing in the world. After the tooth is anesthetized, the procedure is essentially painless, and most patients have little to no discomfort after the procedure. Unlike an extraction, which takes at least a few days to heal. (comments?)

22 August 2009


When people come in with an infected tooth, they often want antibiotics but do not want the tooth treated. Antibiotics will help manage the infection, but if the underlying cause is not addressed, the infection will persist and may be more difficult to treat later. Granted an infection normally means either a root canal orextraction is needed, but dental problems left untreated almost always get worse.(comments?)

10 August 2009


Even though a tooth has had a sealant or filling, it is still possible to get cavities. There are many different surfaces on teeth, and one surface which was sealed or filled does not prevent the 4 other surfaces from getting decay. Nor does it guarantee that you won't get decay underneath whatever restoration was placed.(comments?)

25 July 2009


Many people think root canals are the end of the world. Their success rate is normally very high, and once the tooth is anesthetized, they are essentially pain free. When a root canal is needed, the only alternative is to extract the tooth. While this will definitely get rid of the pain, it eliminates options, and implants andbridges have issues of their own to deal with. (comments?)

12 July 2009


Periodontal disease, or gum disease is a very serious condition. It has been linked to a variety of other ailments such as diabetes and heart disease, but patients still overlook it and think it's not a big deal. Dentally you may lose your teeth, but uncontrolled periodontal disease can help hasten losing more than just your teeth. (comments?)

28 June 2009


People often think that when a root canal is done, the tooth is somehow replaced; which is not true. A root canal removes the nerve from the tooth, which is similar to hollowing the root out, but the outside of the tooth will essentially look the same. Posterior teeth normally need a crown afterwards, but that is independent of the root canal. (comments?)

21 June 2009

The writers of Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everone a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

8 June 2009


After a tooth is removed, when the bone heals the site inevitably shrinks. If you are going to have a bridgeor implant done, it may be necessary to have a bone graft done. This will help aid the healing process and preserve the ridge, which will dramatically increase esthetics and implant placement. (comments?)

18 May 2009


People often hear the word root canal and immediately get scared. It really is not a difficult procedure to sit through, and many patients have little to no discomfort after the procedure. People often think it would be easier or better to remove the tooth, but if you do, you will likely need to restore the space; which is often times more involved than just having the root canal done. implants and bridges are both more expensive and take more time than a root canal. (comments?)

7 May 2009


Patients often come in with a tooth concern and somehow have it in their mind what is going on and what treatment is needed. After the dentist does the exam and diagnoses what the problem is, if it is not what the patient thought it was, often times the patient will argue with the dentist and insist that say, a root canal is not needed. Not to say that you shouldn't ask questions, but it is very difficult for the lay person to diagnose a dental condition without any radiographs and obviously without having any formal training. (comments?)

13 April 2009


Implants have come a long way, and are commonly used for single tooth replacementswith crowns or bridges, or with dentures or partials. If your dentures don't stay in or don't like your removable prostheses, ask your dentist about implants. (comments?)

30 March 2009


Some people have the misconception that brushing their teeth will whiten their teeth. While brushing will definitely help keep your teeth cleaner and remove plaque (which can make teeth look dirty), it is not going to make yellow teeth whiter, or remove intrinsic stains from your teeth. (comments?)

16 March 2009


Make sure that even with braces, it is important to floss everyday. Floss threaders can be used to get the floss under the wires. People who don't floss when they have braces, inevitably end up with several cavitieswhen the braces come off. (comments?)

2 March 2009


These are good illustrations of how cavities can look small from the outside, but are really quite involved. The moral of the story is to get cavities fixed ASAP. (comments?)

interproximal dentist cavity occlusal dentist cavity

23 February 2009


Grinding your teeth puts abnormal amounts of pressure on your teeth which can fracture teeth and cause permanent damage. Nightguards are normally made to prevent this, but as anyone who has inquired about them at the dental office; they can be very expensive. ProWhite Labs offers a much more affordable option, and can make custom fitted night guards to help you sleep better tonight.(comments?)

20 February 2009


For some reason when people have toothaches, if they are not severe, they often tend to ignore them and hope they will go away. While on a rare occasion, that might happen, most of the time it will get worse. When that happens, most likely the problem has gotten worse (i.e, a cavity has progressed and now needs a root canal) and is much more difficult to deal with; which makes the whole situation harder to deal with for everyone involved. So, if at all possible, get the little problems addressed early and keep them little!. (comments?)

14 February 2009

The writers of Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

9 February 2009


People who have problems with their teeth, often think that dentures are the solution. Dentures can help restore function, but they are definitely not the same as teeth. Especially lower dentures; upper dentures will normally stay in ok, but if you can maintain any teeth on bottom, you likely will be better off than with full lower dentures, which are much more difficult to deal with. (comments?)

20 January 2009


Many people are reluctant to have their wisdom teeth removed because of all the horror stories they have heard. Sometimes they are difficult to remove, but many times they are uneventful and do not cause much discomfort after that fact. Removing them when they are not hurting is also the best time to remove them, because once they start to hurt, that's when a horror story is coming!(comments?)

1 January 2009

The writers of Dental Advice Blogs, wishes everone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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