Dental Translation App:

Dental Translation is an app designed to help treat and communicate with non-English speaking patients, but also includes an extensive resource section for dental staff and patients.  Free on iOS and Android.

It was initially designed to help translate due to other translating apps being unreliable with dental terminology, but it has been expanded to help raise the base knowledge amongst dental staff and to improve communication throughout the dental office.  Photos of ways to replace missing teeth can replace hunting around the office for models, or expensive apps that explain every detail of every procedure.  

Patients don't want to know what you are doing, the just want you to do it, and make sure it looks and feels good.

Language Files:

It has over 50 of the most common dental phrases recited at the push of a button in >10 different languages.  Currently it is available in English, Mandarin-Chinese, Tagalog-Filipino, Ilocano, Japanes, Korean, Vietnamese, French, German, Russian, and Arabic.

The phrase list does not include everything as it would be too exhaustive and would decrease the ease of use, but if you have any requests for phrases or languages, feel free to contact me via the website or app contact form.  I can't promise that all requests will be fulfilled, but multiple requests will try to be satisfied.

Hopefully this will help treat your foreign patients and provide a better experience.

Dental Staff:

For dental staff, an extensive resource section to learn:

  • Tooth numbers
  • Tooth surfaces
  • How to read xrays
  • What the different dental restorations look like on xrays 

This is all very essential information that all dental staff should know fluently to improve communication in the office, and ensure that patients are receiving the proper treatment and a consistent message throughout the office.


For patients, information about:


Below are some photos of from the app itself.  The homepage is on the left, and the resource link on the right.  All the links in black in the resource section lead to other information as noted.

There are also links to social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

dental translation home page
dental translation resource page

 A partial list of the languages currently available.

dental translation app language page

Here is a sample page of a translation page with one touch communication:

dental translation app audio

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