The dentist education earned at most dental schools consist of 4 (a couple of schools have 3 year programs) years of intensive academic and clinical training. It is possible to get into dental school without completing an undergraduate program, but it is to one’s benefit to earn at least an undergraduate degree before entering dental school.

At most schools the first two years are comprised mostly of didactic work, and will involve classroom and labratory instruction for the better part of 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

In the classroom you will learn general aspects of medicine and the physiology of the body, as well as dental subjects such as dental anatomy and materials.

In the labs, you will practice preparing teeth for fillings, crowns, and all other dental procedures on EXTRACTED TEETH.

You will also learn how crowns, dentures, inlays, and onlays are made in a dental lab, and most dental schools require you to do much of your own lab work.

Where do you get the teeth? 

Call up any ORAL SURGEON or even any GENERAL DENTIST, and tell him or her who you are, and ask if the person would be willing to save any extracted teeth for you. MOST OF THEM WILL BE GLAD TO!

Usually patient care begins around the end of the second year. Don't worry, YOU'LL HAVE PRACTICED ON YOUR CLASSMATES!!! Probably practiced injections at least!

Once you start seeing patients, you'll usually have a set number of procedures you need to complete in order to graduate.

As part of your dentist education, there are two BOARD EXAMS to take, PARTS 1 and 2. Part 1 is usually taken sometime between the first and third years, and Part 2 is usually taken during or after the fourth year.

If you have the desire to SPECIALIZE, it will entail additional training, but most people are able to join the workforce immediately after graduating from school.


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SO WHAT ARE DENTIST SALARIES THESE DAYS? Obviously it varies geographically as well as the type of practice on is in.

There are many options, such as

  • Academia
  • Private (Solo or Group) Practice
  • Group Practice
  • Public Health
  • Hospital Dentistry
  • Military
  • Other

ACADEMIA: Many instructors teach part time, and practice part time. Their compensation for attending in the dental school clinics is probably nominal compared to what they make as a practicing dentist.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Private dental offices can run at OVER 80% OVERHEAD. So a dentist who produced $500k in a year, would clear about $100k. The overhead should decrease over time, and some offices may get close to 50%, so that same $500k would now be $250k.

The luxury and freedom of owning your own business, along with the headaches of owning your own business all wrapped into one. Take vacation whenever you want, but when your assistant quits on the spot, you better start interviewing people fast!

GROUP PRACTICE: Most of these practices have some sort of base salary, as well as some sort of incentive pay. It is possible to start at over $100k, and the top depends on the company and their situation.

PUBLIC HEALTH: The salaries here are probably not as competitive as the aforementioned fields, but that’s not why you are interested in PUBLIC HEALTH anyway, right?

HOSPITAL DENTISTRY: Many dentists probably do this as a part time are of their practice. It is necessary to get hospital privileges, but can be very rewarding to treat mentally handicapped or extremely anxious patients.

MILITARY: The hours are good, the benefits are good, the salaries are probably competitive with other group practices. Just realize that they OWN you, and you may not necessarily get stationed where you want.


As discussed earlier, you can bet the bulk of it will be based on PRODUCTION. As well as you want… as well as you want.


ABSOLUTELY. With fluoride and modern medicine, people are living longer and keeping their teeth LONGER. With the economy the way it is today, dental schools are CLOSING. You do the math… More people, less dentists… JOBS are available, and even if nobody hires you, you can always buy that office space in wherever the heck you want, and start your own office. dentist education, dentist offices, dentist salaries dentist education, dentist offices, dentist salaries 

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