Elizabeth Morgenweck

by Elizabeth Morgenweck
(Pleasantville NJ 08232)

I had a full bottom denture made. Previously I paid $3000.00 for a full bottom denture and ate a M&M almond which broke the tooth free from the denture. I went to a different dentist and was made a different type material (Less expensive I suppose). I paid $1500.00 The dentist had a metal lining applied to the gum area. (Shoddy job). This all began Jan. 27,2017. From the onset the left side of the denture did not fit properly. Each visit I would wait 45 min. or more and she took one look and said she could fix the problem. This has been going on until Dec. when I finally walked out after she took a wax mold I had requested a refund on my money but she ignored the request. Two weeks ago she sent me in the mail the denture. I tried wearing it several times but the left side does not fit properly and the metal on the left side irritated my gums to the point of I have an ulcer. Do you have any advice for me how to end this situation?

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Mar 01, 2018

by: Dr. Gary

It's difficult to say without seeing the denture, how the bone/ridge is, and how it fits. Lower dentures often do not fit too well, and tend to cause more problems than uppers. Sometimes lower dentures can be made as good as possible, but they still don't stay in. On the other hand, maybe someone could do a better job. Like I said, hard to say without seeing it in person. Maybe have another dentist look at it, or try going back to resolve it with the dentist? Sorry, that probably wasn't much help.

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