Getting a new set and excited!!!

by Susan Strait
(Barton NY USA )

I am 40 years old and I have a full set of top and bottom dentures, as a child, me and my younger sister, were not taught the importance of good oral hygiene and we didn't take good care of our teeth at all!! I don't want this to seem like i am bashing my parents because im not. They were very young when they had me (both were 16 yrs old). I know they did the very best they knew how to take care of us. We never regularly brushed our teeth so when we did my gums bled and that made me stop all together, the only time I went to the dentist was if I had a cavity and needed a filling or to have it pulled, there was no routine visits. So going years without taking care of my teeth needless to say had a very negative impact on my teeth, I was very young when my teeth started to go bad and when I went to the dentist they said that my teeth were going bad from the inside out, he wanted to do a route canal and being 22 yrs old hearing that scared the crap out of me and even worse when he told me it may work and it may not, so I figured if those were my chances im not getting it done and take the same odds going without lol I still don't know today if it would have helped but I wish I would have tried at least! When I was 24 I started having teeth pulled that were going bad so I had a partial on top for a couple years and eventually at 33 I had to have all top teeth removed and a full denture plate on top and some teeth on bottom so I had a partial on bottom. Over the years my bottom teeth all started literally falling apart in my mouth and most times it wasn't painful so I didn't go to the dentist unless it was so painful I couldn't deal with it. Well I am now 40 almost 41, and I finally had my bottom teeth removed and because they were so bad they had to be surgically removed and most of the jaw bone on the bottom was gone, I am picking my new set of dentures up tom may 8 2017 and im kind of nervous for the bottoms because I know that they don't fit as well as the tops for most and with alot of my jaw bone missing in the front im afraid I will have a bad time trying to keep them in! But we will see..... I am going to start looking into the bottom anchor dentures. The tops I don't need but I am pretty sure I will the bottom. I will start saving up as much as I can being a single mom of two boys 7 & 4 yrs old is not much I can save but im determined to get this procedure!!

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Jul 21, 2017
thank you
by: Dr. Gary

Thank you for your story! Please let us know how your new set goes, and if you do end up getting implants to help support your lower.

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