I've had a broken tooth (Upper left/#13) while I was having a meal, which caused skin irritation later. Therefore, I went to see my general dentist. The dentist recommended to see endodontist for root canal. I've located Dr. H in Millburn, NJ and went for a root canal. The endodontist did root canal (coasted nearly $700.00 for one treatment without any follow ups advised). As I was instructed by the endodontist, I went back to my general dentist to do crown (costed about $800)in time. From the beginning right after the root canal treatment, I did feel uncomfortible around the area. However, I thought it would heel over time of period.
I spent one year with the uncomfortible feeling around the tooth and finally experienced skin irritation in the surrounding area again as I did before the RCT.
One year later, I went to take x-ray with the endodontist as my dentist recommended. It found still infection remaining around #13. The endondontist recommended to see oral surgeon for an apico procedure. However, the oral surgeon said there is no guarantee for 100% success after the apico (estimated about $800) but only 50% and recommended to do extract and implant. I spent $130 for the consulting again and xray.
I spent nearly $2,000.00 but now I live without the tooth. It's too expensive to do implant ($3000 more??). I had to do extract to prevent further bone damage. The bone area was found to be safe afterwards.
Is it possible to get all the wasted expenses reimbursed??
The endodontist office said, he did inside infection removed but he is not responsible for outside infection. In addition, when I asked them to release all the record, they refused it but released after 2 years passed from the treating date.

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