infectious glue on teeth

I was successfully treated for Lyme Disease for a number of years. My doctor decided all on his own, no matter that I told him I was not cured. He stopped my treatment and my worst problems began. I could not clean my teeth. It took about four years, but the infection progressed to the point of having a glue like coating all over my teeth and gums. I did, and still do, everything I could and can to clean my mouth. From tooth paste, baking soda, bar soap, liquid Vit C, peroxide, progressing to even dish soap, and some antibiotic mouth rense, to try to clean my teeth and gums. NOTHING works!!! I have done even more than I have listed here. The condition became worse as one tooth seemed to be particularly infected. Mind you, no pain, just this gunk, puss or whatever it is just invaded my mouth. Then after many doctors and dentists, I found a holistic dentist who finally removed the worst tooth. After the removal,the gunk spread and became much worse. My gums and the wound healed, amazingly. But the gunk, puss, or whatever it is, is now much worse than ever. The gunk causes an infection like symptom in my sinuses, makes my throat sore and makes me horse. It sticks like glue, and NO ONE, flosses as thoroughly as I do or as much, up to 20 times a day, as I do. Yet, I get zero! relief. It drives me crazy, and I cannot ever get rid of its annoyance. I cannot help but wonder what will happen in the long run. I notied this. My pulse rate goes well over 100, even up to 120 beats per minute. Right after I had that really bad tooth (It was pink at the roots, and the bone under it was pink, really weird.) removed, my pulse rate went down to 50 beats per minute. As time and annoyance has elapased, my pulse rate is increasing, and sometimes I can feel my heart beat almost uncontrolabley. I can get no help from doctors or dentists. I am totally frustrated. Doctors and dentists hate me, and tell me to brush and floss. They have no clue to the frustration I go through.

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