more pain in lower teeth after drilling upper tooth for a crown

by Heidi
(Canton, Ohio)


I recently lost an old crown which seemingly wouldnt stay on long because of it's age. I was told that it was ok to go without a crown until an appointment in 2 weeks.The dentist drilled a bit of the remaining tooth, took impressions and gave me a temporary crown. I had discomfort and pain after. When I went to get the permanent, the dentist fitted it and glued it. He did check for the bite which seemed fine then. when I got home, the upper last left molar(that had the new crown) kept hitting the lower molar. I began having severe pain in upper crowned molar, radiating to my ear at times, then the pain moved down to my lower molar . I cant say my sounds right and I cant eat without pain. I went back to dentist where he told me that I now have an infection in my lower molar root and need a root canal. WHAT? How did that happen? It does have a crown but it didnt hurt before the upper molar was drilled on. Now what? I have to take vicodin to rid of pain at night and am on penicillin. I can still feel that the crown doesnt seem to fit right but he seemed to think it did.


It is possible that they are unrelated and it is just a coincidence that the lower tooth needs a root canal. It is also possible that the bite is off and may need to be adjusted. That is usually the first thing we check after a new restoration (crown, filling, or whatever) is placed. Pain can also radiate from one area to another, but your dentist would need to determine the source of the pain. You could also get a second opinion from another dentist if you wanted.

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