Ms Rightmire

by Darcy
(Arizona )

I just received my permanent dentures and they are made with metal and acrylic overlay. The upper palate is all metal and the part with the teeth is metal with acrylic over it. I can see the metal through the acrylic not when it's in my mouth. The top palette seems shorter than my temp. Dentures and I can't get good suction. I was told these are the top of the line dentures but I'm not sure. I've never seen this type before. The acrylic gum area seems to thick and puffs out my upper lip.

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May 10, 2016
by: Dr. Gary

Metal and acrylic is a common combination for partial dentures. Can the clasps, or parts that are attaching to the teeth be tightened? If they are gum colored, your dentist can maybe bond some filing material to the teeth to make the clasps tighter. Partials should fit pretty tight as long as there are teeth to help hold it in.

Regarding the acrylic that seems thick, that can be thinned out.

It does take awhile to get used to new partials, so try to work with them and see if they get better. If not, your dentist should be able to adjust it as needed.

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