Problem with implant

by Eleanor
(The Villages, FL)

I went to a regular dentist for two implants and two crowns. About a month after the implant was done, I had pus in the implant. The dentist drained the tooth a few times and then told me I would have to do drain it everyday myself. This did not sound right to me and I went to a periodontist and he did some surgery and all is now well, plus he told me I had some bone loss which he corrected. I went back to the dentist and told her what happened and how unhappy I was. She just sat there and said she couldn't understand why I had this problem. I was so upset I told her I would never go back to her again. In two years she did other work for me and my bill was close to $20,000.00. The other thing I did not like about her, is that she made me pay up front for all my work. I will never do that again. Why I did it that time, I do not have an answer. Last month one of the crowns on the implant cracked, and I went to another dentist and have to have a new crown put on for $900.00. I didn't want to go back to the original dentist as I left in a huff, plus I don't think she would have given me a break on a new crown. She is very money hungry. During the two years I went to her, she never told anybody that they did not need work on their teeth and the bills were a couple thousands of dollars. One thing I learned from all this is to see a dentist on recommendation and never pay upfront.

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